Branchet and ASSPRO model is based on 3 interdependent and inseparable pillars:


1. A medical association focused on prevention of surgical risk

It is multidisciplinary and represents all specialties. It is governed only by medical practitioners and institutions whose mission is to continuously improve the quality of medical care and risk management of doctors: the Order of Physicians obviously, but also scientific societies, risk management associations and accreditation agencies. Its mission is to train doctors and provide prevention tools to its members.


2. An insurance broker whose mission is to create, manage and maintain the best system of insurance, defence and compensation for doctors

It works in collaboration with the association, which is part of its DNA and its management system. The broker defends the interests and reputation of doctors without compromise, protects and accompanies them restlessly throughout their professional lives.


3. One or more insurers whose financial strength is demonstrated and recognized

The broker selects insurers which, with a minimum rating of A +, are able to respect their long-term commitments in a sector where litigation happens on average 7 years after the event.

The broker evaluates them regularly, checking their financial balance and their ability to respect its commitments in the long term.


In this collaborative model, we propose a tailored service that goes beyond medical liability insurance.
We prevent legal procedures regarding the technical act as well as the relationship with the patient, through effective management of claims: out-of-court conditioned agreements and specialized defence by medical law experts.


Our tools:

24/7 forensic assistance
24/7 Emergency link to infections
24/7 Crisis Unit
Training formats
Digital tools and services


Branchet insurance model in others countries: