Our defense concept


Our unique defense model provides not only an outstanding technical expertise based on 3 pillars but also a human support that is critical for policyholders in such a stressful experience. This system also makes sure the reputation of the sued doctor is protected.


Our pillars

Medical law experts
The physician involved in proceedings or receiving a claim, will be accompanied & defended by a physician of the same specialty, member of Asspro. This expert guides the doctor on what to do, informs him on the defense strategy and answers all his doubts during the claim process.

Specialized lawyers
Our lawyers are exclusive and very experienced in medical procedures. They define the most effective defense strategy in agreement with the doctor and insurer, and they prepare the doctor for the procedure.

Advising doctors
We built a strong network of advising doctors in all specialties which is organized by specialty hubs. These doctors offer a crucial understanding, advice and support to doctors.



Asspro I We assist our surgeons 24/7

We give doctors a possibility to contact a peer specialist or an expert in crisis situations.

Our assistance is built on 3 core services:

Assistance 24/7

A doctor specialised in managing medial and/or legal crisis situations advises and helps doctors under pressure to resolve any potential conflict situations or prevent the risk.

Examples of the crisis situations or emergencies we manage:

  • React in case of medical accident: death in the operating room, potentially serious complications after operation such as delayed awakening after surgery, wrong medication, etc.
  • Announce bad news to patient or his family after a medical accident
  • Request for scientific and medical autopsy
  • Conflict with a co-worker such as doctor, nurse or other member of the care team
  • Child intervention, when parents disagree, for example in case of separated or divorced parents
  • Request for urgent medical record by a patient or by the judicial authorities
  • Emergency audition by a judiciary police officer after a serious accident


Emergency infectiology

This service is delivered by doctors specialised in infectiology and addresses the following issues:

  • Prevent infections
  • Improve the traceability of antibiotic prophylaxis and tracking control protocols
  • Guide the decision on appropriate therapy for certain clinical situations
  • Help manage an infection


We offer 3 types of support in these cases:

  • Infectiology emergency helpline: just as in the case of general assistance, we give doctors the possibility to talk for free with a doctor specialized in infectiology to find a solution to given situation of vital emergency
  • Infectionology guide: doctors can subscribe to a tool that assists prescription and allows the doctor to tailor the treatment to each clinical case (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, proper use of antibiotics ...)
  • Written advice: an expert in infectious diseases answers questions and gives specific recommendations on demand


Crisis unit

Our crisis team support is there to listen and support doctors finding themselves in a difficult situation, for example:

  • Feeling of injustice because of a claim
  • Dealing with a difficult patient
  • Professional burnout