Our mission and commitments

We understand practitioners and meet their needs because we work hand in hand with them.


We defend physicians without compromise

- We collaborate with the best specialized lawyers and advising doctors and have a deep knowledge of +16 specialties
- Beyond liability insurance, we provide comprehensive risk management and human support to practitioners in stressful situations
- We work relentlessly to prepare practitioners to hazards, train them to new practices and keep them ahead of the curve
- We protect the reputation of practitioners.


We put medical and legal at work to offer a complete and human-centered service based on trust and peer collaboration.


Our achievements

80% claims completed with no liability

100% clients sued recommend Branchet to peers
26 000 claims managed in 15 years

2 000 claims managed every year


Our team

12 legal experts

+100 advising doctors

+30 lawyers specialized in Med. Mal